Stay in control
– whatever happens!

safeREACH is a user-friendly
and reliable alarm system to cope safely
with crises and incidents

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safeREACH is your communications centre for unforseen incidents

safeREACH is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use digital system for alerting employees and for crisis management for companies. Crises and threats to companies have changed dramatically in recent years. But image damage caused by social media reports or official house searches also influence the daily work routine. By using safeREACH’s digital technology you can prepare for all these scenarios. safeREACH enables a fast and controlled handling of internal processes through digitalisation.

The ERSTE Group Bank has introduced the safeREACH system for the purpose of alerting and crisis management to be best prepared for all possible incidents.
Günter Prünner, Erste BankGünter Prünner, BCM and crisis management, Erste Bank Austria

Crisis Team Alerting

Alert the crisis team
Distribute documents
Process stored checklists
Secure communication via group messages

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Reach up to 10,000 people simultaneously
Individual alerting
Intuitive operation
Easy coordination of all persons

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Dawn Raids

Rules of conduct available at any time
Alarming of internal and external persons
Seamless documentation
Intuitive operation

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Alerting of security officers
Replies and group messages
Stored floor plan
Detailed end report

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Rampage and Terror

Fast alerting of large groups
Precise instructions for action
Alert in silent mode
Pre-defined scenarios

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On Call Alerting

Automated alerting
Replies in real time
Easy operation
Fast communication

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Triggering the alarm is incredibly easy! It must be possible for all personnel to activate the alarm in a state of emergency without having to think about it. With safeREACH this is no problem.
Eveline Bayrhamer, director of AWH St. Martin

Our Experience



Million Alerts


safeReach is used by “3 Banken Gruppe” for alerting in case of a crisis situation and has proven itself in tests and exercises. It meets all our requirements perfectly.
Andreas Gerstenbauer, IT-Security, data security

safeREACH supports you in case of unforeseen events with individual alarms.

Reliably reach your employees on standby by using the safeREACH app. In case of emergencies and mass alerts our system replaces long and cumbersome lists of telephone numbers.

Safe evacuation of buildings is aided by the use of checklists. The crisis team is alerted with one simple click. In most unannounced house searches employees retain control of the situation thanks to clear instructions stored in safeREACH. Lawyers and the Compliance Officer can respond to a house search and ensure a structured process thanks to immediately being alerted.

The safeREACH app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, but you may also use the Alarm Cockpit.

Benefit from our 20 years of experience. Test safeREACH for free or contact us today for a live demonstration.

Find out how you too can use safeREACH for better crisis management in your organization

Let us convince you of the advantages of our professional product.