IT Alerting and Incident Response: be alerted automatically in the event of technical faults

Almost every second company has already had to deal with technical crises. 68 % already rely on an IT alerting system for crisis prevention in order to avoid damage.

IT Alerting
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Automatically alert administrators

When it comes to an IT alert, things have to happen quickly. With the safeREACH REST API or via app, you can do it – with just one click!

Fast communication

With our app, you immediately alert all the people you need for further coordination. Then you can communicate immediately via chat or conference call.

No additional hardware required

Increasing digitalisation and complexity also affects crisis management. safeREACH digitalises but simplifies the implementation of the IT alerting system. You do not need any additional hardware for our system.

safeREACH is used in the 3 Banken Group for alerting in crisis situations and has proven itself in corresponding tests and exercises. It meets all our requirements perfectly.
Andreas Gerstenbauer, IT-Security / data security

IT failures and disruptions are a serious threat. An unplanned system downtime of 22 hours has been estimated costing € 675,000. Protecting these systems is therefore essential for continued operations. At the very beginning of protection lies the transmission of information. This is exactly where safeREACH supports you. We ensure that you reach all employees in the event of an outage.

How does seafRECH support you?

  • Configure IT emergency scenarios and define alerting processes
  • Receive an alert via app, call, email and SMS
  • See immediately who has responded to the IT alarm
  • Communicate instantly within the team via chat or by conference call

The IT Aert System to maximize uptime and restore services

IT failures lead to massive turnover losses, production stoppages and, in extreme cases, endanger the company.

Nerve centre network

In almost all companies, IT is the nervous system of the entire organisational system. It ensures communication within and outside the company, controls various processes and is necessary for the automatic execution of complex processes.

Everyone has to expect server failures

As processes become more and more automated and systems become increasingly complex, special attention must be paid to the necessary IT security.

Power outages, criminals, but also an attack on the system can lead to an IT failure. But internal factors must also be taken into account. Unintentional actions by employees can have far-reaching consequences and damage the entire company.

And not by a small margin, because according to Techconsult, the downtime costs in companies with up to 5,000 employees amount to almost € 41,000 per hour and an average of € 25,000 per hour. 3.8 hours are spent on recovery. At least in the German SME sector, this means: there is an average total loss of about € 380,000 per company per year.

Responding quickly to faults and failures – with IT alerting from safeREACH

That is why it is important to react quickly to IT failures. Many companies focus on proper protection of the technical infrastructure, but less on crisis prevention. But this is precisely what reduces the advantage of overall IT security. If the right people cannot be informed within seconds in the event of a failure, the advantage gained from technical prevention is not worth much.

Key figures: Crisis Prevention Survey 2019, (4 out of 5 German companies with IT failure last year – one third with data loss), cio, springer (Millionenschaden durch IT-Ausfälle in Unternehmen).

Find out how you too can use safeREACH for better crisis management in your organization

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