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In our blog, we regularly cover different topics from the fields of security, alerting and crisis management.

Possible causes of a blackout

Blackouts in Europe are no longer unrealistic scenarios. They are serious threats to the population and also to companies. What are the possible causes of a blackout and what are the most likely scenarios?
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Why was the adaptation from NIS to NIS 2 necessary?

Why was the adaptation from NIS to NIS 2 necessary? The world of cyber security requires regular adjustments, updates and improvements to security policies and laws to keep pace with the rapid developments and increasing complexity of cyber threats. The EU Directive on the security of network and information systems,…

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3 typical alerting errors which cost time and money

In an incident your foot itches. In an emergency you shot your foot with a gun. In a crisis your leg is already gone. What do these events have in common? Communication. Perhaps sending out information is sufficient for incidents, but in emergencies and crises, an immediate alert is essential…
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