The safeREACH Cockpit

For use at reception desks, in control rooms, as well as for mobile use on tablets in emergency response vehicles

In emergencies you have to act fast. With the help of the safeREACH alarm cockpit, you can trigger alarms for predefined scenarios quickly and without errors.


Our alarm cockpit is always accessible via the Internet using any browser. This eliminates complex installations. We take care of its smooth operation.


A simple click on the selected scenario is sufficient. The alarm plan stored on the alarm server is triggered immediately and the alarm participants are informed in real time.


Benefit from 20 years of experience. Our alarm cockpit is clearly arranged and easy to use. Thus, employees trigger the right alarm plan even under stress.

By using safeREACH as a digital crisis management tool, the alerting process has been greatly improved.
Axel Richter, owner of QUASi engineering office and safety engineer

Features of the Cockpit:

Easily configurable

The alarm cockpit can be easily adapted to the individual requirements of users and locations. In the web interface for the alarm server, define which scenarios can be triggered by whom, which information is requested and which instructions for action are displayed.

Clear instructions

After an alarm is triggered at the push of a button, instructions for action are displayed to the employee. The instructions for action can be stored in advance for the respective scenario. In this way, after an alarm plan has been triggered, the alerter knows exactly how to behave.

Trigger by click

The cockpit is web-based and can be accessed by any device (desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet) capable of establising a connection to the Internet. A click on the corresponding scenario is sufficient to trigger the alarm and activate the stored alarm plan.

Relevant Information

In an emergency the relevant information has to be provided quickly. Thus, upon creating scenarios you can request that when alerting the employee provide important details such as the location of the accident, the number of casualties, etc.

safeReach is used by the “3 Banken Gruppe” for alerting in crisis situations and has proven itself in tests and exercises. It meets all our requirements perfectly.
Andreas Gerstenbauer, IT-Security, Data Protection

How the Alarm Cockpit works

3 steps to tigger an alarm in the Cockpit

With the safeREACH alarm cockpit, you provide your employees with a simple and intuitive digital interface to start alarms for predefined scenarios quickly and without errors. As soon as an emergency or crisis occurs, certain employees can trigger an alarm using the safeREACH alarm cockpit. All important people are immediately alerted thanks to the digital crisis management tool. The alarm chain begins. Employees receive defined instructions and can take the right precautions in case of a crisis.

1. Choose crisis situation

Choose the relevant crisis situation from among the ones you created. By tapping the button, the alarm is triggered – simply and intuitively.

Intuitive buttons to start crisis situations or alarm scenarios
Individual user permissions for every scenario

2. Provide information

In the input mask you can describe what happened and how the crisis occurred. Additional information is thus immediately forwarded to employees and colleagues. Thus the level of information is the same for all alerted persons.

Freely configurable input masks with selection menus and text
Dynamically add individuals and groups

3. Follow instructions

After the alarm has been triggered, further action instructions can be defined for the alerter.

Freely configurable actions for the alerter such as “call emergency services”, “provide first aid”, etc.

4. Immediately manage an alert

After triggering a scenario the detailed alarm view becomes available, allowing you to manage it. Furthermore it is possible to adapt the Cockpit to your personal requirements.

Complete alarm management immediately after triggering a scenario
Customise the Cockpit
Clear presentation of the replies and the expected arrival time of the alarm participants
Send alarm updates to provide important information as the situation changes
Add and distribute documents with one click

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