Integrations and Interfaces

Connect external systems such as fire alarm systems, temperature sensors and switch contacts with safeREACH and trigger alarms via SMS and phone call.

Automatic alarm triggering

Receive an alarm when a threshold is exceeded or the fire alarm system reports a fire.

Trigger an alarm via SMS and call

A phone call or SMS is all it takes: In addition to our app and cockpit alerts, it is possible to trigger an alarm by phone call or SMS.

Our interfaces

Phone Call and SMS

When connected via SMS, our system receives the SMS message externally and triggers the alarm. An alarm can also be triggered with a call.


We provide you with an email address that is used for alerting. Our system reads the contents of the email. The content is used for the alert.


When a fax is received, all predefined participants are alerted. All desired contents are evaluated and sent to the participants. For this purpose, you receive your own fax number.


With our REST API it is possible to communicate with our system and trigger an alarm.

Control Centre Connection

If it is a partner control center, a connection is possible free of charge for plant and company fire brigades.

User API

Integrate safeREACH into your in-house system and easily manage all participants.

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