The safeREACH App

For iOS and Android – using Push, Email, Text Message and Voice Call

The safeREACH App alarms reliably and fast. Access your communication centre for emergencies and crises around the clock and from anywhere on your phone.


Receive alert messages reliably directly on the alarm app on your phone. The delivery of alerts is monitored and a back-up delivery system using text messages is in operation for added security.


Receive alerts and notification in real time. Replies (yes/no) of participants are available within seconds.


Profit from our 20 years’ experience. Our alarm app is used thousands of times a day. It is user-friendly and optimised for use in real emergencies.

Triggering the alarm is incredibly easy! It must be possible for all personnel to activate the alarm in a state of emergency without having to think about it. With safeREACH this is no problem.
Eveline Bayrhamer, director AWH St. Martin

Features of the alert app:

Reliable Alerts

Our app alerts you reliably and fast. Where appropriate you can trigger a loud alert sound, even if a participant’s phone is in silent mode. An automatic delivery confirmation lets you check whether an alert was really delivered.

Instant Replies

Upon receiving an alert a participant can answer with the press of one button if they want to accept or decline. The operations manager as well as authorised participants have access to this information, which helps coordination.

Secure Chat

Via the secure group chat, alarm participants can quickly and easily exchange information about changes in the situation during the operation. In addition to text messages, pictures can also be sent. This communication channel is particularly valuable if your other IT infrastructure has failed or been compromised.

Checklists and Documents

In emergencies you have to act fast. This is why you can create check lists in advance which are then displayed in the alarm app. In addition you can store documents with imortant procedures to follow in an emergency. This helps with not missing anything important in a stressful situation.

Maintenance-free Operation

The reliable operation of our solution is our responsibility. We continually develop our alarm app, adapt it to changes in operating systems and incorporate improvements.

High Compatibility

Our alarm app supports iOS and Android. These two operating systems cover over 98% of all phones worldwide.

ERSTE Group Bank has introduced the safeREACH system for the purpose of alerting and crisis management in order to be best prepared for all possible incidents.
Günter Prünner, Erste BankGünter Prünner, BCM and crisis management, Erste Bank Austria

The safeREACH Alert App: 2 modes of operation

Crisis Management via app for companies made easy by using safeREACH. Thanks to the alarm app on your phone you have your communications centre for emergencies and crises always ready wherever you go. Depending on your personal profile you may receive alerts or also be able to start and coordinate alarms by using the app. That’s what mobile crisis management is about.

Active: start and coordinate alerts

If authorised to do so you can actively use the app. This means that you may alert employees in case of a specific crisis. The app gives you access to a multitude of features to deal with the crisis.

start ad-hoc alarms
start alarms for pre-defined scenarios
share documents
share photos
alert pre-defined groups
alert specific individuals
trigger cascades
reach up to 10.000 participants
manage replies
send updates
share documents
view reports

Passive: Receive alerts

Passive users of the safeREACH crisis management alarm app may only receive alerts. They can see details of the alert like the kind of alert as well as the measures to be taken. They can reply (Yes/No/etc.) in real time and use the chat, which provides a tool to communicate using only the app.

exclusive and distinctive alert sound
loud alert despite phone being in silent mode
custom reply buttons (Yes, No, 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, etc.)
replies with text

group chat
access stored check lists
access stored documents
alert by text message if no internet connection
automatic alerting of deputy
off-duty mode
text to speech

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