Company Fire Brigade: quickly alert and record replies

In the event of fire and plant incidents, quickly alert, record replies and immediately receive a final report after the operation.

Fire Station Alerting

Automatic alerting

Evaluate messages from fire detectors, extinguishing systems and plant protection systems and quickly alert in the event of incidents.

Be prepared for all events with scenarios

With scenarios, you map all possible events. This way, all participants immediately receive the right information.

Thorough documentation

Every step gets documented. The data for alerting and communication can be retrieved immediately after the operation.

PORR AG (ARGE H51) uses safeREACH as a crisis management tool during construction of the world’s longest underground rail link.
Florian Aelfers, employee of BBT H51 Pfons-Brenner.

In order to prevent damage to the company, a quick reaction to threats is necessary.

With safeREACH, you ensure a rapid alarm so that production can be resumed as quickly as possible in the event of an incident.

Alert the company fire brigade quickly and purposefully

If detonations are heard or a fire starts, an immediate reaction is necessary. Firstly, to prevent further damage and secondly, to restore operational readiness as quickly as possible, entirely in the spirit of business continuity.

The first step in an operation is to raise the alarm quickly

In the case of fires in production, material, liquid or individual fires quickly occur. If in this situation the process control system, the controls and the internal communication also partially fail, the coordination effort in the chaos phase is even greater than it should be.

The automatic alerting by safeREACH ensures a quick response to the event in this situation. The internal alarm is supported by the digital alarm system. The alarm also reaches standby forces immediately: The participants receive the alarm simultaneously – even in silent mode. Thanks to the reply function, the command centre knows immediately who is already on the way to the scene.

However, this not only ensures that the damage is contained. The rapid alerting also enables the company to react strategically to the failure of production facilities. Financial losses are minimised and possible reputational losses are mitigated.

Follow-up: the end report

After the operation is before the operation. Equipment and vehicles have to be ready for use again, but the previous operation is also evaluated. With safeREACH, a digital operation report is available that chronicles all activities.

safeREACH: For fast and reliable alerting of the company fire brigade

safeREACH helps with the alerting to ensure a quick response and to warn all those affected. Through the digital alarm system, you know exactly who has received the alarm. In the chaos phase, you communicate all important information securely via the integrated chat function. Afterwards, you receive complete documentation to analyse the event.

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