Ensure a fast and safe evacuation process

The simple alerting of all persons as well as responses in real time ensure a safe and fast evacuation process

Evacuation Alerting

Fast alerting

Everything is done with one click. Every participant immediately receives an alarm and can react quickly in an emergency. This also works without an internet connection.

Safe evacuation

Custom checklists allow the alerted persons to go through all the necessary steps for a safe evacuation.

Detailed end report

The final report and the protocol, which is automatically generated down to the smallest detail, enable a precise evaluation of the crisis situations.

Automatic alerting in the event of an incident allows our control room staff to focus on the essentials such as coordinating tunnel evacuation rather than working through phone lists.
Florian Aelfers, employee at BBT H51 Pfons-Brenner

safeREACH supports the evacuation of affected areas and buildings. With one click on the button in the app or in the user interface on the computer, an alarm is triggered that informs all employees about the evacuation. With predefined scenarios, the notifications can be configured individually. This makes it possible to send along important documents and checklists. In addition, the app enables responses in real time. This allows you to check whether all alerted persons have received the alert.

Evacuation: what needs to be considered?

In case of a fire, a natural catastrophe or a chemical accident rapid alerting and a subsequent evacuation of all persons in the vicinity is necessary. How does this evacuation work and what do you have to consider?

What does an evacuation mean?

The term evacuation refers to a relocation of an area of people. An evacuation takes place in the event of floods, fires and bomb alarms. In companies, for example, an evacuation occurs in the event of sabotage of operating equipment, toxic substance leaks and other acts of violence.

The behaviour and procedures during an evacuation

General rules of behaviour

In the event of an emergency, it is important to remain calm. The responsible authorities provide information about the measures and plans in the event of an evacuation. This is exactly why it is essential to keep an eye on all channels such as social media, TV and the public administration’s website. This information helps to react correctly to the situation.

These are the 5 elements you should be aware of:

  • In case it is necessary to leave the area, enquire about alternative accommodation.
  • Is there still time to take personal documents with you? Pack the most important documents.
  • Make sure that no electronic devices are switched on and close gas and water connections.
  • Then leave the protection zone. Keep an eye on the information pages and all relevant online portals and continue to inform yourself about the status of the evacuation.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions of the police.

Behaviour in a company

When evacuating a company, there is usually an evacuation plan. This plan regulates the proper procedure. If there is an alarm in the company, the alarm should be taken seriously and colleagues should be made aware of it.

A regulated evacuation via the escape routes follows. Here it is important to remain calm and follow other instructions. This procedure should be regularly practised.

After leaving the building, all persons proceed to an assembly point for a head count. It is essential to report all relevant incidents, for example if a person is trapped or injured. Now the situation is analysed and further information is passed on to the operations and emergency management. After the premesis has been declared safe, the building may be re-entered.

Evacuation with safeREACH

In the event of an emergency, it is of elementary importance to remain calm and pay attention to the information provided by the responsible authorities. Take the most important documents with you and leave the protected zone as quickly as possible. Each company has its own regulated procedures for an evacuation.

The alerting and ensuring of correct behaviour can be digitalised. With safeREACH, all persons receive a warning tone as well as checklists for a calm and controlled evacuation.

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