Rapid alert in the event of terror and rampages

React quickly in the event of terror and rampages and receive precise instructions for action

Terror Rampage Alerting

Mastering emergencies safely

Experience shows that many people get nervous in an emergency. With clear instructions for action, the app serves as an aid to not forgetting anything.

Alerting even when phone muted

The alarm is also triggered in silent mode. This means that every person is reached immediately.


Predefined alarm scenarios enable the storage of a customised alarm plan.

safeREACH is used in the 3 Banken Group for alerting in crisis situations and has proven itself in corresponding tests and exercises. It meets all our requirements perfectly.
Andreas Gerstenbauer, IT security / data security

For rapid response to exceptional situations, a key is effective and efficient alerting as well as secure communication. safeREACH enables both. The alarm is triggered at the touch of a button and immediately transmitted to everyone. In the app, it is immediately visible who has responded to the alert.

The terms terror and rampage

According to the “Global Peace Index”, the world has become a bit more peaceful. Austria is even one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Nevertheless, in the news in recent years, there has often been talk of “terror” and “terrorism”. Rampages were often classified as acts of terrorism. What does the term mean and why are there terrorist attacks? How are rampages and terror related?

What is terror?

Terrorists try to spread fear and use violence to do so. With their acts, they usually want to enforce political demands and certain ideologies.

Why are there terrorist attacks?

The question of a general cause is difficult to answer. There are many reasons for a terrorist attack. For example, terrorist organisations are mainly active in unstable regions. Therefore, terrorist attacks are carried out in order to enforce the ideology. The state cannot guarantee security here.

In Western countries, the radicalisation of individuals and the propaganda of terrorist organisations have played a role in the recent past. A certain way of looking at things is formed among the persons concerned, based on an image of the enemy.

What is a rampage?

The term rampage is related to fury. A rampage consists in indiscriminate and violent attacks.

Distinction between terrorism and rampage

There are differences and similarities between a rampage and terrorism. One distinguishing feature is the reason for the act. In the case of terrorism, this can be traced back to a certain ideology, and in the case of a rampage, to the personal level. One common feature is publicity. A precise distinction is sometimes difficult.

Respond quickly to terror and rampages – with safeREACH

Terror refers to a spreading of fear through violence in order to force people to take a certain action. The causes of terrorist attacks are manifold. Above all, propaganda and the creation of enemy images play a role. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between terror and rampage.

In the event of terror or a rampage, it is necessary to get everyone to safety as quickly as possible. With the safeREACH app, it is possible to send an alarm immediately. A warning sound informs up to 10,000 people affected in real time. A group chat enables prompt coordination of the further course of action.

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