The safeREACH Emergency Notification System

The areas of application for the safeREACH notification and crisis management software are manifold. Whether used to convene crisis management teams, to manage house searches or tackle IT failures – thanks to the plethora of applications of safeREACH you and your company are well prepared for emergencies and crises.

Here we will show you the areas of application and how to configure safeREACH.

The safeREACH App

Using the safeREACH app you have the communications centre for your crisis management team at your fingertips. Depending on your personal profile you may use the app to receive alerts in case of an emergency or a crisis or also to start and coordinate alerts using the app in a simple and intuitive way.

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cockpit overview

The safeREACH Cockpit

The safeREACH Cockpit provides your employees with a simple and intuitive interface to trigger alerts for pre-defined scenarios in a quick and controlled way. Each employee can be assigned the scenarios which they may start.

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The safeREACH Web Interface

The Web Interface of safeREACH provides you with an easy and intuitive administration interface. Here you create your participants and store your individual alarm plan for each scenario. In addition the Web Interface provides you with extended expert access for alerting and crisis management using additional special features. Upon termination of an alert a detailed alert protocol is created, which ensures all processes are traceable for your company later on.

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