Alert quickly and easily in an emergency

safeREACH is the uncomplicated replacement for long telephone lists and analogue checklists

Emergency Alerting

Internal and external recipients

In case of emergency, inform internal recipients and alert external persons at the same time.

Alerting the correct persons

With an individual configuration of the software, it is possible to alert different emergency teams.

Concurrent distribution of information

In addition to the immediate alert, important documents are available directly in the app. You are prepared for all eventualities.

Triggering the alarm is incredibly simple! All staff must be able to activate this alarm in a state of emergency without thinking. This is easily achieved with safeREACH.
Eveline Bayrhamer, head of AWH St. Martin

In organisations, rapid response is essential for general health emergencies, fires or accidents. Unfortunately, there are always obstacles that prevent rapid alerting. The use of safeREACH saves time in alerting everyone and ensures a calm and coordinated process.

safeREACH: Your alerting system in case of an emergency

No matter what the emergency is, safeREACH alerts up to 10,000 people with just one click. Notification in the app and via SMS ensures that the alert reaches everyone affected in an emergency. The alarm tone is also triggered in silent mode. With checklists, all persons concerned receive clear instructions for action to ensure a calm process in the event of an emergency.

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