Alert the crisis team with just one click

For companies that want a emergency notification system for rapid alerting and secure communication

Crisis Team Alerting

Comprehensive alerting

The responsible persons aren’t always on site. By alerting via app and by SMS all persons receive the alarm automatically

Rapid assessment of the situation

In case of an emergency the whole crisis team is automatically connected. The crisis team can communicate by chat or by telephone conference

Easy reporting

After the emergency an audit-proof report is available to analyse and evaluate the reaction

By using safeREACH as a digital crisis management tool, the alerting process could be greatly improved.
Axel Richter, owner QUASi Engineering

Convening the crisis team is often a lengthy process. Long telephone lists make it difficult to act quickly in a crisis. Coordination alone becomes a major challenge. safeREACH alerts the crisis team with just one click. The informed persons can give immediate feedback via the easy-to-use interface. This ensures a quick response to the crisis.

The crisis team: definition, tasks and composition

In companies, unforeseen risks can arise due to internal and external emergencies. There are also general risks such as the failure of important suppliers to deliver on time. To manage these crises successfully and quickly, a crisis team is convened.

What is a crisis team?

A crisis team is a staff unit in a company for emergency and disaster management. The members of the crisis team coordinate all activities in order to manage the crisis as quickly and as best as possible. A head of the staff assumes the leadership role.

Structure and composition of a crisis team

The structure of the crisis team varies and depends on the size of the company. Normally, the following bodies are involved:

  • Head
  • Staff
  • Local team

The head is usually the chairman of the board. This is where the strategy is set.

The staff makes the operational decisions and ideally consists of fewer than eight people. The staff includes a leader and two employees – often a lawyer and controller. Other people perform special functions in the company.

The local team is directly on site, implements measures and passes on information.

The four tasks of a crisis team

The four following tasks fall into the remit of the crisis team:

1. The situation report

The first step is to identify the current situation. Then it is necessary to collect essential information.

2. The situation assessment

When the situation is assessed, the information gathered is evaluated.

3. Reaching decision on measures

In the third step, those responsible define strategies for action and distribute work packages.

4. Monitoring

Finally, the ongoing situation is monitored again and again and the measures are checked for the achievement of objectives.

3 reasons why a crisis team is important

1. Professional crisis communication

Crises require competent communication. Here a PR concept is important in order not to run into the open knife of the public. Even in purely internal crises, communication is a key element in successfully managing a crisis.

2. Quick reaction to crises

Without a crisis team, crisis containment becomes a mammoth task: crisis situations are responded to incorrectly and too late, and a small source of fire quickly becomes a conflagration. With a crisis team, the response is professional and effective.

3. Planning makes perfect

By setting up a crisis team, a company is prepared for any situation. Through exercises and manuals, one is optimally prepared for an emergency.

Convene the crisis team quickly and safely with safeREACH

A crisis team is a staff unit in a company for emergency and disaster management. It consists of the head, the staff, and often a local team. The crisis team must assess the situation and also check the achievement of objectives.

safeREACH supports you in alerting the crisis team to respond quickly to an emergency. The software informs all persons in real time. Via a secure chat function, coordination is possible even before the arrival at the company. A final report summarises all events clearly and comprehensibly.

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