Alerting for Educational Institutions

safeREACH replaces long telephone lists and reliably alerts all key persons. Always when it is really necessary.

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Easy and fast alerting

The operation of our alarm system is intuitive. With the web-based interface and our app, you can alert all participants registered in the system with just a few clicks.

Coordinate immediately after alerting

In the event of an alarm, our system reaches everyone via app, SMS and email. Coordination is possible with the group chat and checklists.

The result: receive an end report

After the event, you automatically receive a final report documenting the entire alerting process.


How safeREACH supports you

  • Preventively map all possible incidents to scenarios and be able to react to them immediately
  • Replies: you can immediately see who has already responded to the alarm
  • Additional alerting by phone call, SMS and e-mail

Why safeREACH?

Hosting partner certified according to ISO 9001, 27001, 27017, 27018
Regular external security checks

Alert quickly and easily with safeREACH

Dealing with telephone lists is a real drama in an emergency. People are not reached,
extensions are no longer correct – even coordination becomes like running the gauntlet.

We simplify accessibility and ensure fast and reliable alerting:

  • Complete replacement of telephone lists. No long dialing through.
  • With escalation levels you define who receives the alarm.
  • The reply function shows you who has responded to the alarm.
  • With scenarios, you map the most important events so that alerting,
    response and coordination are even faster.

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Discover our functionality

The safeREACH Alarm App

Your communication centre for emergencies and crises.

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The safeREACH Cockpit

In an emergency, quickly and reliably trigger alarms for predefined scenarios.

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The safeREACH Web Interface

Simple administration via the web interface

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