Mass Notification: react quickly and save lives

Alert and protect people in real time via app, SMS, and email


Protect from danger

In the case of mass alerts, things have to happen quickly. With safeREACH you protect everyone from imminent danger. The alarm is triggered with just one click.

Move personnel to safety

Enter all staff members in an alert list. This ensures that you reach everyone.

Immediate reply statistics

After the initial alarm, you can see which participant has already confirmed the alarm.

Das Auslösen des Alarms ist unglaublich einfach! Dem gesamten Personal muss es möglich sein, ohne Nachzudenken diesen Alarm im Ausnahmezustand zu betätigen. Das gelingt mit safeREACH problemlos.
Eveline Bayrhamer, Leiterin des AWH St. Martin

Mass notifications is a big challenge. Long telephone lists lead to delays in alerting. With safeREACH you save valuable time when alerting your entire workforce and thus ensure the best possible protection.

Digital Mass Notification

Some events require the alerting of many affected persons. This is the case for example, with serious chemical accidents, large fires and evacuations.

Imagine the following: an accident occurs in a factory. A fire breaks out, which spreads incredibly quickly to other areas. Now it is necessary to alert everyone quickly. Often, however, it is precisely this rapid alerting which is not successful. Telephone lists make the work more difficult. Valuable time is lost. Some people cannot be reached at all. All resources are tied up in alerting.

When every minute counts, digital solutions provide exactly the security you need in this case.

The alarm must go off quickly. Everyone must be reached without delay. Real-time replies immediately shows which people have already responded to the alarm. Meanwhile, you are already preparing for the next steps without having to work through telephone lists, which ties up valuable resources. After the event, you want are provided with final report so that you can access comprehensive documentation for follow-up.

This is exactly where safeREACH supports you. The alarm is raised with one click. The reply statistics show who has already received the alarm. Procedures to follow are provided, which facilitate coordination. After the event, a protocol is available to you, so that you can optimally master all alerting phases.

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