Alert quickly in case of natural disasters

Damage from natural disasters tends to increase. When it happens, you are prepared with safeREACH.

Your digital crisis room

The safeREACH app is your digital crisis room. Send information to all participants, distribute digital checklists and communicate securely via the integrated chat. So you always get the right information.

Scenarios prepare you for all eventualities

You want to cope with natural catastrophes without delay? With the customisable scenarios you ditigtalise your alarm plans. Alway be prepared with safeREACH.

Reach all participants – even in silent mode

With our alarm system, you really do reach everyone. The alarm is sent via app, SMS, and email.

ERSTE Group Bank has introduced the safeREACH system for the purpose of alerting and crisis management in order to be best prepared for all possible incidents.
Günter Prünner, Erste Bank
Günter Prünner, BCM and Crisis Management, Erste Bank Austria

What use are alarms if you have to work through long telephone lists? With safeREACH, the right people receive the alarm immediately! We ensure that you are prepared for all events and can quickly respond to an emergency.

Natural catastrophes

There are billions of dollars worth of damage worldwide. Since the second half of the 20th century, natural disasters have tended to increase. Natural disasters imply natural events, but can be indirectly triggered by humans.

What are natural catastrophes?

Natural disasters are extreme events that usually lead to major damage. Destroyed buildings, railways and roads are just a few examples of the impact of natural disasters.

Types of natural disasters

Natural disasters can be divided into:

  • flooding
  • earthquakes
  • volcanic eruption
  • stroms
  • severe rainfall
  • snow
  • hail
  • draught and fires

One example of a natural disaster are the bushfires in Australia. In 2019, there were numerous fires across the country. The fire spread quickly and the general damage was unprecedented in scale. The problem was exacerbated by the dry and windy weather conditions.

Natural disaster preparedness & business impact

According to author Gary R. Webb (Businesses and Disasters: Empirical Patterns and Unanswered Questions) and others, companies are rather poorly prepared for such events. Measures are often meagre and concern only the necessary first aid equipment and the training of employees as well as training on how to behave. Elaborate plans are rare.

The impact of catastrophes depends on several factors: The intensity, whether there was direct damage, whether the infrastructure failed and in which sector the company is located.

Be prepared for disasters – with safeREACH

Natural disasters are events that takes companies by surprise. This is exactly why it is important to inform everyone quickly and safely – without having to work through telephone lists.

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