Silent Alarm:
for safety in the workplace

Respond quickly to threats and alert at the touch of a button.

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How does the Silent Alarm work in safeREACH?

Recognise threat

They are being threatened and want to summon help as quickly as possible.

Trigger alarm

You discreetly press the panic button

Receive alarm

All participants stored in the system and external agencies are alerted.

Triggering the Silent Alarm: your possibilities

A silent alarm must be able to be triggered quickly and easily. With safeREACH you have numerous triggering methods at your disposal: Via the keypad, via push-button, via radio triggering, via speed dialling, via safeREACH App or via the safeREACH Cockpit.

Your advantages

Alerting in real time

As soon as a silent alarm is triggered, all participants are notified via several channels on the smartphone.

Immediate reply

Upon reception of the alarm, the alarm participant can give a reply at the push of a button as to whether he or she can participate in the alarm or not. If no reply is given, a deputy is automatically alerted.

Easy setup

Our software can be quickly integrated into your existing infrastructure. If you need additional hardware, we will support you in setting it up.

Automatic report

All activities are logged. This provides you with a detailed, audit-proof report at the end of an alarm, which you can print out as a PDF.

Extendable system

With safeREACH you can introduce a comprehensive alarm system in your company and connect fire alarm systems or sensors via interfaces.

High compatibility

With our Silent Alarm App we support the smartphone operating systems iOS and Android. This results in a coverage of over 98% of all smartphones worldwide.

Our Experience

4.500 Customers

250.000 Users

30.000 Alerts/day

20 Years

Find out how you too can use safeREACH for better crisis management in your organization

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