We digitise your alerting

Ready for use in 24 hours – activate the configured scenario and trigger an alarm at the touch of a button

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Respond quickly to disasters

Trigger predefined scenarios at the touch of a button and immediately alert the right authorities and the population.

Alerting across multiple channels

Never miss an alarm: Our system alerts everyone via app, SMS, and email. Even in silent mode, alarms are signalled by the alert app.

Automatic report

After the alarm has been terminated, an alarm log with time stamps is available. This allows the entire incident to be precisely traced.

How safeREACH supports you

  • Create scenarios and quickly alert the right people in case of emergency
  • Receive the alarm by phone call, SMS and e-mail
  • Communication directly via the app – with exactly the participants you have defined

Why safeREACH?

Hosting partner is certified according to ISO 9001, 27001, 27017, 27018
regular external security checks

Alert authorities and the population quickly

In crisis management, the time factor plays a major role. In disasters, a rapid response is necessary to warn authorities and the population.

We provide immediate alerting of predefined participants.

Your advantages

without safeREACH

  • Slow alerting via telephone using telephone lists.
  • Long search for the right alarm plan
  • Cumbersome communication in the event of a crisis

with safeREACH

  • Alerting in real time per app, phone, and email
  • Immediate access to the right scenario
  • Crisis communication with exactly the right people via the app

In short: you reach the right people with the right information efficiently.

You want to know exactly how safeREACH works? Then test our system free of charge!

Use our app and the web-based cockpit even before you decide.

How do you get the free test?

It’s easy: Contact us now and start using our alarm system within 24 hours.

Areas of use


Evacuate quickly and in a coordinated manner

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Terror and rampages

React immediately in the event of terror and rampages

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Crisis team

Reach key people across multiple channels

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The 3 building blocks

The safeREACH Alarm App

Your communication centre for emergencies and crises

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The safeREACH Cockpit

Trigger alarms quickly and reliably for predefined scenarios in case of emergency

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The safeREACH Web interface

Simple administration via the administration interface

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Find out how you too can use safeREACH for better crisis management in your organization

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