Every cyber threat needs a quick opponent

safeREACH supports you in quickly alerting your emergency or crisis team and communicating independently of your infrastructure.

Alert emergency and crisis team

Alert all the people needed to deal with the incident at the touch of a button.

Autonomous infrastructure

Alert and communicate independently of your own infrastructure in the event of an incident.

Automatic protocol

Analyse the reaction and communication immediately after the event with the automatically generated report.

safeREACH is used in the 3 Banken Group for alerting in crisis situations and has proven itself in corresponding tests and exercises. It meets all our requirements perfectly.
Andreas Gerstenbauer, IT security / data security

According to a crisis prevention survey, 60% of crisis managers expect an increase in data integrity breaches and cyber attacks over the next years.

The almost daily news around the topic of cyber attacks, data integrity breaches and server attacks confirm this concern.

Therefore, crisis management must respond to this threat and use systems that are independent of a company’s own infrastructure.

safeREACH: your partner against cyber threats

Phishing, SCAM calls and DDoS attacks in particular are currently on the rise. Most companies therefore already have an emergency plan in place when it comes to cyber attacks. However, it is particularly important to recognise incidents quickly and in good time. As a result of the EU’s NIS 2 Directive, more and more companies, regardless of their size, will have to arm themselves against cyberattacks from October 2024 at the latest.

However, the time it takes to recognise security incidents is still too long. It can take up to 200 days for companies to recognise an attack and the system impairment. In addition to securing and monitoring the infrastructure, further measures should therefore be taken in order to react quickly in the event of an emergency.

The emergency plan should be reviewed regularly. If necessary, checklists and tasks should be reorganised and redistributed. Drills ensure that every move is correct in the event of an incident.

From detection to alerting and communication, safeREACH is your partner. Once the incident has been recognised, we ensure that emergency and crisis teams are convened quickly – regardless of your infrastructure. Important documents such as checklists and emergency plans are immediately available to every employee. Information can also be distributed via group messages.

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