IT and telecommunications

safeREACH delivers the relevant information to the right people in the most convenient and effective way.

IT and telecommunications

Be alerted when it is really necessary

Flexibly connect different monitoring tools with our system and thereby standardize alerting. For this purpose, we offer a REST API, as well as the triggering of alarms via SMS, e-mail and phone call.

Always reach the right specialist

In the event of an alarm, our system reaches exactly the right specialist for the current problem via app, SMS and e-mail. This allows your team to react even faster to technical faults.

Centralise your communication

With individually configurable scenarios, it is possible to alert different key persons. This gives you an alarm system in which all responsible persons from different departments are integrated.

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How safeREACH supports you

  • Immediate reaction to technical faults by means of an automated alarm
  • View replies of the alerted persons
  • Additional alerting by phone call, SMS, and e-mail

safeREACH simply works.

Failures caused by technical faults can quickly threaten your existence.

safeREACH helps you to resolve them more quickly. How does it work?- Our alarm system automatically alerts exactly the right people when an external module signals a measured value exceeding or falling below a threshold value.

In addition, you can manually alert all key persons in the company. With the reply function, you know immediately who has received the alarm and has already reacted to it.

At the end of the alarm, you receive an end report with a log of all communication.

See for yourself how safeREACH can help.

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Testimonial 3 Banken IT

Learn how 3 Banken IT uses our alarm system for their crisis management.

Frequently used solutions in your industry

IT failure

React to technical failures with one click

On-call service

Reach the right staff quickly and reliably

Crisis team

Reach key people across multiple channels

The 3 building blocks

The safeREACH App

Your communication centre for emergencies and crises

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The safeREACH Cockpit

Trigger alarms quickly and reliably for predefined scenarios in case of emergency

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The safeREACH Web Interface

Simple administration via the administration interface

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