Dawn Raid Alerting

Alert staff members and consultants fast. Ensure a controlled and calm process during a dawn raid.

Dawn Raid Alerting Tool

Stress-free process

Compliance is ensured through the digital retrieval of checklists.

Clear communication

With a secure chat function, you are immediately in contact with all alerted persons. This ensures a coordinated approach.

Complete and audit-proof documentation

Every step is documented. The report is audit-proof.

Unannounced house searches often lead to stress. With safeREACH, everyone is informed quickly and a controlled process is guaranteed.

When a house is searched, usually unexpectedly, panic is inevitable. Officers enter the building with a court order and before employees have gotten over the initial shock, the search has already taken place. safeREACH enables the alerting of all persons with just one click. With digital checklists, employees receive clear instructions for action.

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safeREACH enables a stress-free dawn raid

No matter how big the surprise effect is in the event of a dawn raid – with safeREACH you can react quickly and safely to this situation. The receptionist can alert the CEO, the compliance manager and external consultants via the safeREACH Cockpit and receives instructions for action. In the app, checklists ensure a structured process. Documents like dos and don’ts can be stored. Further actions can be discussed via a secure group message channel.

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