For banks and insurance companies: Communicate threats and emergencies quickly

Reliable alerting. Distribute information immediately. Receive immediate responses.

Banking and Incurances Alerting

Act fast in emergencies

Today, alerting is often still done by phone calls and e-mails. This was also the case at Erste Bank Group AG. With safeREACH, the alerting is now done digitally in order to reach key persons simultaneously without delay.

Carry out building evacuations in a coordinated manner

During building evacuations, the challenge is to get many people safely out of the danger zone. A digital alarm system supports you in this. With the reply function, you know immediately who has responded to the alarm. You can concentrate fully on coordination.

Always receive up-to-date information

Get instant updates on the incident with the group chat. Documents, photos and text messages are sent securely to the right people. This way, all responsible persons are always up to date and can give further instructions.


How safeREACH supports you

  • Alert internal and external employees, key persons and also consultants without telephone lists with just one click.
  • Receive immediate responses to the alarm
  • As easy to use as Whatsapp.
  • We really try everything to alert all key persons: With a phone call, by SMS and by e-mail.

ERSTE Group Bank has introduced the safeREACH system for the purpose of alerting and crisis management in order to be best prepared for all possible incidents.
Günter Prünner, Erste Bank
Günter Prünner, BCM and crisis management, Erste Bank Österreich

“safeRAECH helps us enormously to communicate the relevant information quickly to all colleagues”

safeREACH supports you in alerting quickly in case of emergencies, ensuring easy coordination and transitioning from emergency to normality in a structured way.

Focus on the essential: fast alerting. safeREACH does all the work in the background. Alert all the participants you want via app, SMS and even email. Get a audit-proof document after the alarm.

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Testimonial Erste Bank Group AG

Find out how Erste Bank Group AG uses our alarm system for its crisis management.

The 3 building blocks

The safeREACH Alarm App

Your communication centre for emergencies and crises

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The safeREACH Cockpit

Trigger alarms quickly and reliably for predefined scenarios in case of emergency

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The safeREACH Web interface

Simple administration via the administration interface

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