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Respond quickly to production disruptions, accidents and fire alarms and restore operational readiness immediately.

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Avoid downtimes

Production downtimes cause high costs. With safeREACH you monitor all critical components. Alarms are triggered immediately if a malfunction occurs. You can integrate safeREACH flexibly via commonly used interfaces.

React quickly to accidents

Despite high standards in occupational safety, accidents involving vehicles and accidents during the repair and cleaning of machines occasionally occur. With freely configurable scenarios, you can alert company first aiders and key personnel in real time.

Alerting via call, SMS, app and email

With alerting across multiple channels, you ensure that everyone is reached. In addition, the intuitive reply functionality gives an overview of who received the alarm and has responded to it.

What you can do with safeREACH

  • Alert internal and external staff, key personnel and consultants with just one click, without the need for telephone lists.
  • Communicate immediately with all key persons via the chat function
  • Connect safeREACH to other systems via an interface
  • Reliably alert all persons – even in silent mode

Why safeREACH?

Hosting partner is certified according to ISO 9001,
27001, 27017, 27018
Regular external security checks
PORR AG (ARGE H51) uses safeREACH as a crisis management tool during construction of the world’s longest underground rail link.
Florian Aelfers, employee of BBT H51 Pfons-Brenner.

The 3 building blocks

The safeREACH app

You communications centre for emergencies and crises

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The safeREACH cockpit

Trigger alarms quickly and reliably for predefined scenarios in case of emergency

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The safeREACH web interface

Simple administration via the administration web interface

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Customised solutions for industry & production


Quickly inform all key personnel in the event of an accident

Fire brigade

In case of fire alert plant security

On-call duty

Reach employees quickly and reliably

When alerting has to happen fast โ€“ safeREACH

Making the unplanned plannable – that is the credo of process analysis.

But in practice, disruptions are still dealt with in an uncoordinated manner. This leads to long downtimes that cause high costs. In the case of accidents, fires and other incidents, it is also necessary to react quickly in order not to lose time when coordinating measures.

According to a survey from 2017, companies focus on a high level of responsiveness in the event of disruptions. This responsiveness is only guaranteed with the right tools. In the case of occupational accidents, immediate alerting is a guarantee for ensuring a short intervention time.

safeREACH supports you in monitoring and alerting to ensure a rapid response to any event and a quicker return to normal operations:

  • Alert staff – on-site and on-call
  • Quickly convene a crisis team and begin coordination immediately
  • Plant fire brigade, first responders or external consultants
  • Define key persons and inform them reliably

With regard to the Seveso III Directive, safeREACH supports you in implementing the internal alarm plan and the hazard prevention plan.

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