safeREACH: Your Employee Notification System

Alert staff at the touch of a button. Display replies. Master critical events safely.

How safeREACH helps you alert employees

Multi channel alerting

Employees receive alerts via the app, but also as a fallback via SMS, email or a phone call.

Replies in real time

After the alert, you can immediately see which employee has given which reply.


All data of the alarm is automatically retrievable after the event.

Discover our alarm app

  • Trigger alarms
  • Distribute documents
  • Share photos
  • Alert groups
  • Administer replies

Why alert emploees digitally?

Every second counts in an emergency or crisis. Phone lists are inefficient and make it difficult to alert large groups of people. safeREACH supports you with:

  • alerting, which can be done at the press of a button
  • monitoring the situation as well as the replies from the staff
  • following up with an automatically generated incident report

Find out how you too can use safeREACH for better crisis management in your organization

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