Facility management: When it comes to building security, we help you with rapid alerting

safeREACH alerts you quickly and reliably in case of emergencies.

A skyscraper - Facility Management Alerting

Reduce response time in the event of technical building failures

safeREACH keeps an eye on your technical systems and alerts you and your team in the event of system messages.

Alert all persons in real time

Depending on the type of fault, safeREACH immediately alerts all responsible persons. The integrated chat function ensures fast coordination and information distribution.

Inform by phone call, SMS and e-mail

With alerting via app, SMS and email, information distribution across multiple channels is guaranteed. This drastically reduces the intervention time.

PORR AG (ARGE H51) uses safeREACH as a crisis management tool during construction of the world’s longest underground rail link.
Florian Aelfers, employee of BBT H51 Pfons-Brenner.

React quickly to burglaries and link technical systems with our digital alarm system.

safeREACH supports you in building management and alerts you in real time to any system messages. With the individually configurable escalation levels, you reach exactly the right people. At the end of the alarm, a final report is immediately available for you to analyse the event and the responses to it.

Successful facility management with safeREACH

Imagine having a system that gives you instant alerts for any malfunction.

No matter whether it is a burglary, a failure of the ventilation system or the cooling system.

You would …

  • react more quickly to faults and damage
  • reduce your intervention time and inform the responsible persons more quickly.

safeREACH is your partner to achieve just that. Our real-time alerting ensures a rapid response to faults and damage.

Instantly ready for use.

Digitisation often sounds complex. This prevents the introduction of digital work facilitation.

This is precisely why we make it a point to have our system up and running within 24 hours and easy to use.

Integration of existing GSM modems

In buildings, a DECT infrastructure is often available. Alerting is possible here with a call via speed dialing. Automatic integration into all other systems via e-mail or SMS is also possible. In addition, digital alarms are sent via the app, even in silent mode.

Digital and analogue play together sensibly to shorten your reaction time to disturbances. Try safeREACH today and improve your alerting and communication during critical events.

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