Retirement Home St. Martin

The Retirement Home St. Martin has been among the most family-friendly retirement homes in Salzburg since its foundation in 1993 and has already been awarded as such. Ms Eveline Bayrhamer and her team of about 60 care for approximately 51 residents.

  • founded in 1993
  • 51 Single-bed rooms
  • approx. 60 employees
Triggering an alarm is incredibly easy! It should be possible for all personnel to activate the alarm in a state of emergency without thinking. With safeREACH, this is no problem.
Eveline Bayrhamer, manager of AWH St. Martin

The problem

Eveline Bayrhamer, manager of the St. Florian retirement home, was looking for a solution to be able to notify nursing staff as easily as possible in the event of a disaster, even without an existing computer. In a state of emergency, it should be possible for all personnel to trigger an alarm in the retirement home without having to think about it.

The solution

The retirement home St. Martin uses safeREACH to alert the management and nursing staff in the event of an evacuation. The advantage lies in the simplicity of operation, as the system alerts mainly by telephone. Alerting via the installed safeREACH app is of course also possible, but is only used by a select number of people.

Three questions for Eveline Bayrhamer

We talked to her about safeREACH and alerting in retirement homes. Ms Bayrhamer …

Director of the retirement home Eveline Bayrhamer with technical director Johann Grubinger (left) and safeREACH employee Gerd HΓΆnig (right)

What do you use safeREACH for?

The St. Martin retirement home uses safeREACH primarily to alert management and nursing staff in the event of an evacuation of the retirement home. We primarily use the possibility of triggering alarms by simply calling a speed dial. In addition, we also use the app to send alarms to individual groups of people.

What challenges did you face in the past that you can solve with safeREACH in the future?

In the course of drawing up an extended evacuation plan, we asked ourselves the question of how we could notify the nursing staff in the event of a disaster. Thank God so far we have never had to face this challenge in real life.

Where do you see the advantages of safeREACH and why did you choose our product?

The simple triggering of the alarm was the reason why we chose safeREACH. In a state of emergency it is not only time-consuming but also extremely difficult to manually process an emergency plan and to keep an overview. With safeREACH it is possible for the entire staff to trigger the alarm in the retirement home by simply calling a number. The entire alarm plan is then processed automatically. In addition, no additional hardware is required, the software is very easy to set up and no additional pre-installations or conversions, which are required by other providers are necessary – such as for the fire alarm system or telephone system.

The signal tone when the alarm is triggered is unique! Normal sounds are not perceived by the person to be alerted in case of a crisis.

A further useful feature for us are the replies: they tell us whether the alerted person arrives or not. The possibility of alerting different groups of people saves an significant amount of time.

We would also like to give our feedback to the safeREACH staff, who are extremely friendly and eager to help. They are very keen to respond to our wishes and therefore spare no effort, long distances or unusual meeting times. Many thanks for this!

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