Zellstoff Pöls AG

Zellstoff Pöls AG is one of the largest producers of elemental chlorine-free bleached long-fibre sulphate pulp in Central and Eastern Europe with its corporate headquarters in Pöls, Styria, Austria. Zellstoff Pöls AG is a member of the international Heinzel Group.

  • International market and technology leader
  • Leading manufacturer of ORION pulp
  • Manufacturer of high-quality, bleached STARKRAFT kraft paper
safeREACH helps to alert, to have the right people in the plant quickly and to reduce the scale of emergencies and crises.
Jürgen Strohmeyer, Safety and Seveso III Officer at Zellstoff Pöls AG

The problem

Zellstoff Pöls AG was looking for a suitable solution to manage alerts and crises more easily.

The following cirteria were important:

  • Easy and fast alerting
  • Support for the work of the crisis unit
  • Reproduction of different scenarios
  • Working with a company that has experience in alerting and crisis management

The solution

With safeREACH, the crisis team is alerted to different events. These events are reproduced as scenarios in the safeREACH Webinterface. After the alert, the individuals’ replies are visible in real time. Off-site support is possible with the safeREACH app.

Five questions for Jürgen Strohmeyer

Jürgen Strohmeyer is the safety and Seveso III officer at Zellstoff Pöls AG. He established the emergency and crisis management at the site.

We have talked to him about safeREACH.

Why were you looking for a tool for quick alerting?

We wanted to improve the alerting process. Before safeREACH, the alarm was sent via a central point (porter). This point sent an SMS alert to defined persons. Automatic responses were not possible. This was inefficient because it was necessary to call again afterwards to make sure that all persons had really been reached.

In addition, we further developed our crisis management, defined staff functions and looked for a solution that would help us to manage the alerting process and the handling of a crisis more easily.

What do you consider the advantages of safeREACH?

The great advantage lies in the rapid and targeted alerting of the emergency staff by the person on duty. There is no intermediary body. Due to the automatic feedback on availability, the person raising the alarm knows immediately who is ready to deal with the emergency.

safeREACH is also useful for providing employees with all the necessary documents digitally. If a person cannot come to the plant immediately, it is still possible to support the team on site via the app. With the checklists stored in the system and displayed in the app, no issue that needs to be dealt with is overlooked.

I also like the flexibility of safeREACH. For example, if employees are uncertain whether an alarm is really necessary, the decision can be delegated to someone more senior.

For which use cases do you use safeREACH?

We are currently using safeREACH for the scenarios “serious industrial accident”, “fire”, “Seveso III environmental incident” and for test alarms. A corona scenario has also been set up to provide all employees with all the necessary information in the fastest possible way in the event of an emergency.

We mainly use safeREACH for alerting the crisis team and for support during crisis team work.

How do you feel about working with the company safeREACH?

The cooperation was very good right from the start. Even after the introduction of safeREACH, we were regularly asked how we were doing with the tool and whether we could help. They are open to ideas for further development. We are also informed immediately about new features. This is how we imagine good support.

If you had to describe safeREACH in three words, which ones come to mind?

Safety. Speed. Clarity.

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