Baden-Airpark GmbH: Communication in case of disruptions

The Baden-Airpark GmbH operates a business park and the airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden (FKB). In 2019 the number of passengers exceeded 1.3 million for the first time.

  • founded in 1994
  • first charter fligh 1997
  • about 220 employees
safeREACH can execute various scenarios in a flexible and customer-specific manner. The user interface is clearly arranged and can be extended by the user.
Rainer Ruschmann, shift leader fire brigade Baden-Airpark GmbH

The problem

In case of a disruption employees off duty as well as department leaders have to be informed as quickly as possible. Seven people must also be notified and put on standby for winter road clearance. Since it is very time-consuming to contact the required persons by telephone, we were looking for a system that would facilitate the work in the operations centre and at the same time be very flexible.

The solution

Thanks to the alarm cascades implemented in safeREACH it can be used to notify managers and other persons involved in a short time in accordance with a defined sequence and by using a hierarachy of deputies.

4 question for Rainer Ruschmann

Rainer Ruschmann is shift leader of the fire brigade at Baden-Airpark GmbH. We have talked to him about safeREACH

What are your use cases for safeREACH?

We use safeREACH to notify employees in the event of an operational incident, such as a terminal evacuation, in order to have personnel on site to provide support as quickly as possible. Various scenarios were created so that the employees receive the appropriate keyword via the app. In addition, the winter road clearance service for flight operations is put on standby via the app and then also alerted.

Which challenges did you encounter in the past which are now solved by safeREACH?

During evacuation exercises it was found that the personnel on duty are not sufficient, but it is not possible to alert the required persons via a telephone chain. This is possible with safeREACH because the required persons are grouped together in different groups. Thus, all persons can be informed within a few seconds.

What do you consider the advantages of safeREACH and what were the reasons why you chose safeREACH?

Since the application is web-based, the alarm can be triggered from any Internet device. A further advantage is that the participants can be notified both via the safeREACH app and via text message. The step-by-step alarm system makes it easier for the control center to communicate with the respective persons.

Do you have any further feedback for us?

The entry of the participants and the assignment to the various scenarios is very clear and simple. safeREACH has implemented our requirements very well. We have had very good experience with alarms.

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