Staying in control

Alert immediately at signs of an incident and reach all persons reliably

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Independent Software Solution

safeREACH works independently of your infrastructure. You get a maintenance-free system that does not burden your resources.

High Availability

In times of crisis, it is not only the speed of reaction that is important, but also the availability of the systems. You can rely on our system. Our availability to date: 100 %.

Ease of Use

safeREACH is intuitive and easy to use for administrators, users and recipients. You trigger the alarm at the touch of a button and can add important information. The alarm participants are alerted in real time and can confirm the alarm by pressing a button in the app.

How safeREACH supports you

  • Trigger an alarm in the cockpit or via app
  • Alert key persons in parallel and in real time
  • Send alarm updates when the situation changes

Why safeREACH?

Maintenance free
Hosting partner is certified according to ISO 9001, 27001, 27017, 27018
regular external security checks

Remaining able to act in events and crises

Emergencies and crises – incidents where you have to act fast.

Immediate reaction is essential to quickly restore normal operations, avoid losses and save lives.

In fact, this time factor often goes unnoticed: Unsuitable software is used where it it paramount to reach the desired people quickly, reliably and safely.

In fact, according to the Business Continuity Institute, companies alert about 19 percentage points faster when using a specialised service.

These 19% are where safeREACH comes into play.

We provide you with a maintenance-free system that allows you to alert online, via app and through other channels.

  • Trigger a predefined scenario at the touch of a button to instantly alert everyone in real time.
  • Receive immediate feedback when the alerted persons receive and respond to the alarm.
  • Create checklists so that everyone knows how to behave

Of course, that’s not all. Share documents to quickly distribute information. Communicate immediately with everyone via group messages. Is a decision-maker unavailable? Set up deputies who will then be alerted automatically.

In short: Reliably reach all people, share all information, and start coordinating immediately.

You want to try out our system and test the alerting process?

Try out the app and the web-based cockpit before you decide to buy.

How do I get a free trial?

It’s easy: Contact us now and get started with our alarm system within 24 hours.

Areas of use


Evacuate quickly and in a coordinated manner


Master emergencies quickly and safely


Alert quickly in the event of an accident

The 3 building blocks

The safeREACH Alarm App

Your communication centre for emergencies and crises

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The safeREACH Cockpit

Trigger alarms quickly and reliably for predefined scenarios in case of an emergency

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The safeREACH Web Interface

Simple administration via the web interface

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Find out how you too can use safeREACH for better crisis management in your organization

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