Update: Geo-Phase 1 & individual feedback buttons

March 2023 again brings some new features and functions for the safeREACH alerting app. Below you will find the most important information about the latest updates to our software at the end of the first quarter of this year.

safeREACH update in March 2023 with individual feedback buttons and geo-phase 1

What new features can you benefit from?

What does the update look like in concrete terms? Here are all the new functions of safeREACH that you can now use to your advantage.

Geo-phase 1: Trigger alarm & send along location

With safeREACH and the new Geo-Phase 1 function, you now have the option of sending your location with an emergency alarm. In many situations, the location from which the alarm is triggered is extremely important. With Geo-Phase 1, this is automatically sent along and the recipient receives the geographical location in addition to the alarm.

Since data protection is very important to us, we have created a separate safeREACH GEO app for this feature, which is available for download in the app store in addition to the main app. This way, all those who need this function can share their data in case of emergency.

Individual feedback buttons

In the event of an alarm, the correct feedback is essential for successfully resolving a crisis. Up to now, the standard feedback messages “Confirm alarm” and “Reject alarm” were available. With the new update, you can define individual feedback buttons for your specific situation.

With this, we want to better support users and ensure that every recipient is aware when responding to an alarm.

Two new alarm sounds

If an alarm is triggered via an app, the alarm tones must be heard in any case. For this reason, we always use very insistent tones that cannot be ignored. Since the areas of application differ in their urgency, we have integrated two new, more discreet alarm tones in our app. With the “Horn” and “Ring” tones, you now have a wider choice in the safeREACH app.