Time-based notification & new interface in the new update

June 2023 brings another new update at safeREACH. We are improving our alerting system for you and presenting our new features and functions. Get all the info you need about the new update here.

safeREACH Update in June 2023

These new functions are available

If you want to find out about the new possibilities offered by the safeREACH update in June 2023, you have come to the right place. We provide you with all the information at a glance and show you the latest features. Especially in the area of on-call alerting, there is something very useful for you.

Time-based notification

As briefly mentioned before, this month we are bringing an interesting update specifically for on-call duty, shift schedules or time-based alerting in general. But what exactly is it about?

Not every employee is at work every day. Different duty rosters or on-call duties can mean that one person has to be notified on Monday and another on Tuesday. With our update, you can now define schedules that specify who should receive an alert via SMS or other interfaces and when.

Shift plan in the safeREACH Update of June 2023
Add a new shift plan in the system

As you can see in the screenshot, you can define the different schedules in our web interface and then assign them to the respective employees. For example, employee A is alerted in the early shift and employee B in the late shift.

New interface: Extension for outgoing calls

Another innovation concerns a new interface for alerting. Specifically, this concerns outgoing calls from the system. By means of a new messaging API, outgoing calls can be output in German and English. A predefined text is played back in the desired available language.

In addition, you can now determine how often the telephone should ring when the alarm is triggered and also how often the alarm text should be repeated. You therefore have full flexibility in this respect and can make the desired settings yourself.