Emergency plan

What is an emergency plan?

An emergency plan is a set of instructions that defines what workers and others in the workplace are to do in the event of an emergency. It is intended to prevent or limit damage to a company.

Why do you need an emergency plan?

An emergency plan allows companies to respond quickly to events. It helps to be prepared for extraordinary risks. For example, a fire may occur in a company. In order to be able to react appropriately to this event and to work in a coordinated manner, all activities must be coordinated. Therefore, companies have procedures that must be followed in such a scenario. These scenarios are recorded in the emergency plan.

Tip: With safeREACH you can create these scenarios digitally. A scenario is a predefined procedure that specifies, for example, the people to be alerted, initial information and feedback. Checklists are also available. You activate a scenario at the touch of a button and alert exactly the right people via app, SMS, email and phone call – without long phone calls through a phone list. One scenario could be the “emergency”.

You can find more information about our alarm system here.

What must an emergency plan contain?

An emergency plan includes, among other things:

  • Emergency procedures – How to respond to an emergency
  • Communication procedures
  • Action sheets
  • Sample of emergency procedures
  • Technical details
  • Checklists
  • These details are supplemented with overview information.

Companies also use visual means to draw attention to procedures and processes. For example, using stickers to point out emergency numbers, signs and fire safety regulations.

It is important that the emergency plan…

  • is easy to understand
  • contains all important telephone numbers
  • shows where important items such as first aid kits can be found
  • contains an alarm plan
  • describes procedures to be followed in the event of an incident
  • describes the escape and emergency routes and how they are marked
  • how the plan, procedures and behaviour will be communicated
  • when and how updates are made


An emergency plan is essential for companies because measures and procedures are laid down as to what should happen in the event of certain events – i.e. what measures and procedures will be initiated. This makes it possible to react quickly to these events, to quickly resume normal operations and to protect people. You can digitise the emergency plan with the individual scenarios with the alarm system from safeREACH.

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